Saint Patrick’s Day

Today is 17th March, which means that today is Saint Patrick’s Day. This means that in many English speaking countries they celebrate Ireland’s heritage and culture. Everybody dresses with green clothes. It is also typical to wear leprechaun hats and to have a very good time!

Irish people believe that it is very lucky to catch a leprechaun. It you talk to them, the will grant you three wishes. Now, you can play this game. The mission is to complete the puzzle to see the leprechaun again!


Changing weather!

We are now in March, one of the craziest months of the year. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it is very sunny, sometimes it even snows! We have to know which clothes to wear depending on the day.

Here we have some games to know the clothes and the weather. Now, remeber to be very careful and take your jacket when it is cold and windy and to take it off when it is sunny and warm.

The Weather

The Clothes


Have fun, be careful and don’t catch a cold!