Out in the Natural World

Summer is knocking on door, so it is almost time to think about the holidays, but what can we do? Where can we go? Nature, of course! Here we have some ideas for us and our parents to have fun.

In this webpage, we can see the best options to explore nature with our friends and parents. For example, now that good weather is coming, playing outside is a great way to be in touch with friends and nature. It is also a nice idea to paint rocks, pick up some flowers or see the stars at night.

Even if it starts raining again, you can always play in the mud!



Into Space

Do you want to be an astronaut? Do you think we can live on mars? Is there life in the rest of the Universe?

If you want to find information about the Solar System and the Universe, you are lucky.

 Here, for example, you are going to know that the Earth is not the only planet with moons. Mars has Fobos and Deimos and Jupiter has up to sixty-seven! The European Agency for kids is also a great source of information to discover more and more about comets, meteors and stars.

Maybe you start with a telescope and you become a new astronaut or scientist!