Scotland: castles, monsters and unicorns!

We come from a green land full of animals and, sometimes, bad weather. What if I told you there is a place with this very conditions but they talk in English?

Scotland is the Northern part of the United Kindom, and its capital city is Edinburgh. There is a castle in the middle of the city which has the best view. You will feel like a king from one of its towers, ruling over the whole land. Nevertheless, it is not the only castle, you can go to lots of them over the Scottish territory, like Dunnotar Catle next to Aberdeen or Urquhart Castle near Inverness.

There are more interesting facts about Scotland: there are two very famous fantastic creatures. Some people say there is a monster in Loch Ness which survived the dinosaurs period. Also,  Unicorns are part of the Royal Arms of Scotland. So, if you go to Edinburgh, try to find as many unicorns as you can!




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