Merry Christmas!

It is time for Christmas again! We like singing carols and decorating our tree, being with our families and waiting for Santa’s presents.

From Mondragón Lingua, best wishes and a happy New Year for everyone!


Christmas carols for children



Pronunciation: The alphabet part 2

In this second video on the correct pronunciation of the alphabet, you will hear a different accent and intonation. Besides, we will learn the different consonant sounds containing the sound [I] (i.e. – p, c , b, v…)

We hope you like it.


Pronunciation: The alphabet


One of the most basic, yet most indispensable things in any language is the alphabet.

In English it is particularly essential due to the high number of interactions that require spelling personal information.
In this video lesson with our friend Gwion,you and your children can practice the , sometimes tricky, pronunciation of the alphabet in English.

We hope you like it:


Welcome Back to English class


It has been almost a month now since we started again with the English lessons. During these first weeks our students have been reviewing the basics and have already started progressing in their new materials. Soon we will upload some pictures of the groups with their teachers.

We are really looking forward to meeting you on the parents’ meeting that will take place in Novemeber, we will keep you posted with the dates and details.


Ha pasado ya casi un mes desde que empezamos con las clases de inglés, Durante estas primeras semanas los alumnos han estado repasando las bases y han empezado a avanzar con sus nuevos materiales, ya están preparados para seguir trabajando y pasarlo en grande. Pronto subiremos fotos de los grupos con sus profesoras.

Tenemos ya muchas ganas de veros en la reunión de padres que tendrá lugar este Noviembre, os mantedremos informados con los detalles y la fecha.

Food Game!

Hello families:

Some of our students have recently studied food vocabulary. Therefore, we would like to share with you a great and simple game so that they can practice and learn in a funny way. We hope you enjoy it.




Gure San Felixeko ikasle batzuk elikagaien inguruko hiztegia ikasi dute, birpasa dezaten jokutxo hau “Food game” elkarbanatzea interesgarria iruditu zaigu. Ea gustokoa duzuen!


Hola familias:

Algunos de nuestros estudiantes han aprendido el vocabulario relacionado con los alimentos, por ello nos gustaría compartir con vosotros este pequeño juego que les servirá para repasar de una manera divertida. Esperemos que os guste.

Un saludo.

Food Game.