It’s March 21st and we are now officially in Spring, which means that days are longer and nights are shorter, the perfect weather for staying out a bit longer and enjoy the time outside playing with friends.

Here you have some nice seasonal drawing games to learn while we play. Enjoy!

Spring games




English lessons at San Felix have finished and school is almost done as well. That means that summer holidays are just around the corner.

During summer, we can always find time to practice English. For example we can speak, sing and play in English with our family or with friends at home or in a touristic destination.

Here you can find a couple of games in English to play in good company.

Pirate game (vocabulary: fruit)

Quiz: Clothes and colours

Hope you like them!

Last but not least, MondragonLingua will like to thank you all (parents, students and school staff) for all your confidence and your attendance to class. Once again this year, we have loved the experience of teaching at your school. Enjoy the well-deserved holidays!



Back to English

2018 is already here and we have already had some English lessons so far.

January is one of the coldest months in the year, therefore it is a great moment to review some vocabulary related to the winter season.

Here you have a fun and educational video about winter. Make sure you turn on the subtitles for better understanding.

Hope you enjoy it!


This October has been a great month at school, we have started the English courses again, we have made new friends and now it is time for Halloween celebrations!

But do you know where does this festivity come from? What is the origin of “trick or treat” ? You can find it out here: Halloween history

From MondragonLingua and San Felix Ikastetxea we hope you enjoy this special day by having lots of fun with friends and family.  Here you have a game to review Halloween vocabulary. Enjoy!

 Halloween memory game


Scotland: castles, monsters and unicorns!

We come from a green land full of animals and, sometimes, bad weather. What if I told you there is a place with this very conditions but they talk in English?

Scotland is the Northern part of the United Kindom, and its capital city is Edinburgh. There is a castle in the middle of the city which has the best view. You will feel like a king from one of its towers, ruling over the whole land. Nevertheless, it is not the only castle, you can go to lots of them over the Scottish territory, like Dunnotar Catle next to Aberdeen or Urquhart Castle near Inverness.

There are more interesting facts about Scotland: there are two very famous fantastic creatures. Some people say there is a monster in Loch Ness which survived the dinosaurs period. Also,  Unicorns are part of the Royal Arms of Scotland. So, if you go to Edinburgh, try to find as many unicorns as you can!


Out in the Natural World

Summer is knocking on door, so it is almost time to think about the holidays, but what can we do? Where can we go? Nature, of course! Here we have some ideas for us and our parents to have fun.

In this webpage, we can see the best options to explore nature with our friends and parents. For example, now that good weather is coming, playing outside is a great way to be in touch with friends and nature. It is also a nice idea to paint rocks, pick up some flowers or see the stars at night.

Even if it starts raining again, you can always play in the mud!


Into Space

Do you want to be an astronaut? Do you think we can live on mars? Is there life in the rest of the Universe?

If you want to find information about the Solar System and the Universe, you are lucky.

 Here, for example, you are going to know that the Earth is not the only planet with moons. Mars has Fobos and Deimos and Jupiter has up to sixty-seven! The European Agency for kids is also a great source of information to discover more and more about comets, meteors and stars.

Maybe you start with a telescope and you become a new astronaut or scientist!


Saint Patrick’s Day

Today is 17th March, which means that today is Saint Patrick’s Day. This means that in many English speaking countries they celebrate Ireland’s heritage and culture. Everybody dresses with green clothes. It is also typical to wear leprechaun hats and to have a very good time!

Irish people believe that it is very lucky to catch a leprechaun. It you talk to them, the will grant you three wishes. Now, you can play this game. The mission is to complete the puzzle to see the leprechaun again!